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Kaoru X Reader- Mine
You groaned as you placed your head on your desk.
"Something wrong (First Name)?" you heard Haruhi ask you as she stood beside your desk. You were the only person other than the host club that knew Haruhi's 'secret'.
"Why do we have to do a foreign language class?" you asked as you slightly lifted your head so your (e/c) eyes were staring into Haruhi's chocolate brown ones.
"Because we have to" a familiar voice said behind you.
"Hey Kaoru" you murmured without looking back. You mentally cursed yourself when you realized you forgot to act like you couldn't tell the twins apart.  
"How'd you know I was Kaoru?" he asked as he sat down at the empty desk beside yours. You cursed at yourself mentally again. You had to think of a reason other than the fact that you have a massive crush on him.
"Lucky guess?" you questioned yourself as you looked at Kaoru out of the corner of your eye.
"You going to swing by the club?" Haruhi asked to change the subject. She knew all about your crush on Kaoru,
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The journal first draft
If you're reading this, congratulations, you found the key. A key for what? Well that's something for you to find out. This is a gift, yet a burden. You will soon have the knowledge our enemies are seeking, what everyone is searching for. Every textbook, every single document about the past, erased forever. Every one, except for this journal. Therefore it is imperative no one finds out nor sees it. Once you've gained the knowledge, I beg of you to burn it. Erase it from this world, and hide. Zargon's army will hunt you down if they discover you are the chosen one. Its not just any army. White mages, black mages, and highly skilled wizards will come after you! Hide using the ring. But don't pick it up just yet! It It'll reject  you unless you read my message. Read every word, sentence, and paragraph. Everything I have written I here, is important knowledge. 
I'm sure you're confused. My name is Akari Ichinose, daughter of the scholar kimi Ichinose and the almighty magician, ak
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earth and air
fur and feather
tooth and claw
snarl and scream
blood and water
demon and angel


United States
Hi, my name is Trinity, and i am a giant otaku who loves watching animes, listening to vocaloids, and going on dA, of course! so far, i dont have a lot of stuff posted on my account, but im not that good of a writer/artist, but ill try my best! also, i think the only pale guy named edward that deserves love is edward scissor hands!

here are some of my friends on DeviantART:

:icondangolover215: the friend that introduced me to dA!

:iconfantasylover103: a friend i know through dangolover215, also a great writer.

:iconthe--fuzzzz: an otaku friend of mine!

:iconhetaliafangirl88: a good friend in real life who, as u can see, loves Hetalia!

:iconprincessofpears: an artist who dabbles in everything, not a real princess though.

:iconcastlevaniannite: a person i met on dA who is an amazing artist.

theres a couple more, but im too lazy to add the rest!


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